Healthwatch in Greater Manchester - NHS Dentistry Supplemental Report

Through 2020 and 2021, Healthwatch England has collated data relating to NHS dentistry from local Healthwatch organisations across England. This includes the 10 Healthwatch in Greater Manchester.
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At the same time we were drawing up our own dentistry report covering the Greater Manchester footprint.
In May 2021 Healthwatch England published a briefing on this topic. Their findings are closely aligned with ours and Healthwatch in Greater Manchester fully supports their recommendations.
Rather than publish our own separate report with Greater Manchester recommendations, we have chosen to produce this supplemental report which provides the Greater Manchester data. This shows why we feel that the Healthwatch England recommendations should be considered by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.


Read the supplemental report here:

Healthwatch in Greater Manchester - NHS Dentistry Supplemental Report 

Healthwatch England Report

The Healthwatch England briefing can be downloaded via:

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