Our Chair, Ruth Passman

My ambition for 2020/ 21 is to help Healthwatch Bury to be better known and understood locally and to become a ‘go to’ organisation for all our communities.

I am deeply committed to improving health and care services in Bury, where I have lived for many years. I am a carer, I have personal experience of accessing healthcare in Bury on behalf of myself and my family and I have over twenty years of experience of working in the Department of Health and as a senior executive in the NHS. This knowledge and experience is of value to me in this role.

Our Board

Alan Norton

I am an experienced and charismatic leader with great credibility as an expert in disabled living. I have had a successful business career and brought commercial acumen into my roles in the voluntary sector. I am now a respected champion of disabled people with an excellent national network of experts. I marry a passion for improving the lives of disabled people with realism and a pragmatic approach to delivering practical solutions to difficult challenges for people living with disability. As a result I am respected and valued by the disabled community, policy makers and politicians.

Tan Ahmed

Having been Chief Officer of ADAB for over 10 years, I have a track record of engaging with people from the minority ethnic communities. Our overall vision is to support people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, including new and emerging refugees and asylum seekers. We help to build their confidence and independence to enable them to access vital services and to become more active in the community. We aim to broaden their knowledge and skills and assist them to move into education, training or employment; improve their health and wellbeing and develop their sense of belonging as a responsible and valued citizen of Bury.

In fact, we have a similar remit to Healthwatch Bury, aiming to provide a service to all the residents of Bury MBC.

Steve Treadgold

A firm believer that the physical environment can promote healing in healthcare. I am a former Mayor of Bury and supporter of several Bury based charities. I want to make sure that the public in Bury has access to the first-class healthcare services they deserve.

Currently working in NHS temporary roles, a former substantive NHS Director of Estates and Facilities and a Chartered Electrical Engineer with a range of experience (40 years) in NHS estate and strategic functions at Board level. I am dedicated to maintaining high quality standards and excellent customer care.

Past Board papers

We make the papers for our public Board meetings available online. We also publish a summary of what was discussed. Check out our past meetings to read more.

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