Covid-19 in Greater Manchester

A summary of key findings and experiences of the coronavirus pandemic across Greater Manchester.
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Each of the 10 Healthwatch in Greater Manchester have surveyed their residents to gather views and opinions on challenges they may have faced during the pandemic. Healthwatch have shared these reports with their local partnerships and the public via their websites, our expectation is that the recommendations in these reports should be seriously considered by the respective commissioners and providers of health and care services in each of these localities. We felt it would be of benefit for each of our Boroughs to see the Greater Manchester perspective and to think of how, collectively, our key recommendations could be taken forward. This report reflects the views and opinions of around 3,000 people. We have, therefore, selected four main themes’ together with some recommendations and hope that in considering these, there will be an opportunity to improve access to health and care services and thereby outcomes for our residents both during the pandemic and when services are resumed.


Covid-19 in Greater Manchester Report

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