Let us know what you think about the COVID-19 vaccine

Please spare a few moments to tell us what you think about the COVID-19 vaccine. The NHS is doing everything it can to deliver COVID-19 vaccines in the Bury area.

We want to know:

·         What you think about the vaccine programme

·         Whether you would be willing to have the vaccine if you have not already and if you have already had the vaccine

·         What you think about information on the vaccination programme.

Your feedback is confidential but can help services spot issues affecting care for you and your loved ones.


Tell us about your dentist experience during COVID in Bury

During the Covid-19 pandemic, dentistry is one of the parts of the health service that has been hit the hardest. An initial shutdown for all but emergency appointments meant a system that was already under strain built a much bigger backlog or patients waiting to access them. Then when they reopened, strict rules and procedures meant that they were only able to cater for a fraction of the usual number of patients that they would usually deal with.

This has led to it becoming very difficult, and for some impossible, to access an NHS dentist. It is one of the complaints we receive most often, and this is a pattern we have seen with our Healthwatch partners across Greater Manchester. With this in mind, we have jointly undertaken a project to look at the subject.

In addition to this, we want to hear your experiences of seeing an NHS dentist since March 2020, or your experiences of trying to get an appointment if you couldn’t. We want to know more about what the situation is really like in Bury and hear the stories of those that are trying to use the services. We also want to know what you think about the NHS online listings for local dentists – have they been useful?

Get in touch with us and tell us what you have found. It can be a couple of sentences or a detailed description – we want to hear it!

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