Healthwatch Bury Women’s Health survey

Healthwatch Bury has launched a new engagement project focused on understanding how women manage their health and wellbeing.
Women's Health Survey

The department of health and social care developed a Women’s Health Strategy in August 2022 highlighting a number of specific issues which impact women in the UK.

Women generally live longer than men but spend a significantly greater proportion of their lives in ill health +/or disability when compared with men. Little focus is placed on women-specific issues like miscarriage and menopause and women are under-represented in clinical trials.  Men were often used as the default choice in research and clinic trials, this has led to gaps in insight and data.

Healthwatch will engage with women in Bury across the life course to discuss their experiences of health and care services during their adolescent, reproductive and post reproductive years in order to understand and improve local services.

We have developed a questionnaire and will be undertaking consultation between November & February 2024. Please complete online or request a copy to be sent out to you. We will be attending local groups and organisations but if you would like us to visit your group, please contact us to request this.

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