Power2 Young Peoples Leaders Programme

Young Leaders is a programme for young people aged 13-18 based in London or Manchester. It focuses on helping young people to develop key skills that will enable them to thrive in different environments, such as at school, at work and at home.
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Skills for Life

Teens and Toddlers graduates are encouraged to join Young Leaders and all members have access to support for as long as they require it. Through the combination of experiential learning and skills based development, young people are able to obtain the following 'Skills for Life' with Young Leaders:


Has good levels of self-esteem, is willing to ask questions and can work with minimal support.


Has perseverance and demonstrates the determination and ability to bounce back from setbacks.

Self-awareness/ Self-reflection

Knows own potential, limitations, feelings. This enables the individual to take responsibility for behaviour and actions, without blaming.


Has belief in own ability to make things happen. Individuals with higher levels of self-efficacy are often more resilient, conscientious and persevering.


Feels good enough and has a positive sense of value. This relates closely to life satisfaction and well-being.

Effective Communication

Is able to relate and engage with others with an open and warm attitude. Asks questions that show understanding and conveys information in a clear and concise way, taking the audience into account.


Understands how to present oneself in different environments. Understands the requirements of work and different careers.

Team work

Works co-operatively, willing to compromise and has an understanding of roles and team dynamics.

Problem solving

Has an ability to develop appropriate solutions whilst considering the impact and consequences of decisions on their own life, the lives of others, and society.

Organisational skills

Knows what is expected, plans ahead and is prepared for tasks.

Financial management

Has an awareness of the importance of money, is able to plan budgets and understands basic costs involved in day to day living.

Emotional wellbeing

Has a state of balance in thoughts, emotions and behaviours that allows feeling good enough about life and supports ability to fully function.



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