Every Second Counts This Winter

Every year, North West Ambulance Service face increasing demand for their service during the colder months.
Ambulance outside A & E department

Last year, North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) launched their winter campaign ‘Every Second Counts’ to support and inform the public on which service best suits your medical needs. The options to support you when you are unwell or injured are there, and this helps emergency services, A&E departments, and minor injury units to get you the right care, when you need it the most. So, before you ring 999…think…is there a threat to life? If not…think 111 online using this link:

Get help for your symptoms

  • Is this a life-threatening illness or injury? Think 999
  • Is this an urgent injury or illness? Think 111 online
  • Do you feel unwell or is an injury causing you pain? Think walk-in centre or GP
  • Can you treat your symptoms at home? Think self-care, first-aid kit and well-stocked medicine cabinets
Every Second Counts

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