Vaccinations during pregnancy

'Vaccinations during Pregnancy' campaign has just kicked off, aiming to shine a light on the importance of flu, COVID-19, and whooping cough vaccinations for pregnant women and those planning pregnancies.
Vaccination during pregnancy

During pregnancy, some vaccines are offered to protect against diseases and their complications. These vaccines are developed to help protect against serious illness to you whilst pregnant, your unborn or new baby.

Receiving these vaccines is safe and the best way to protect both mother and baby during this important time.

The vaccines do not contain a live strain of the virus, therefore are perfectly safe to have during pregnancy.

While you are pregnant, your immune system becomes weakened which can make you more prone to get seriously illness.

Vaccines help our bodies fight off infections by getting our immune system to produce protective antibodies. This protection is then passed on to babies through the placenta or in breast milk.

This is important as babies don’t start to receive their first vaccinations until 8 weeks of age, so this can help protect them until they do, and their vaccinations start producing their own protective immune responses.

You can speak to a trusted healthcare professional and find out everything you need to know about the vaccines available to you when you become pregnant. To book your vaccination, visit National Booking Service or call 119.

More information on flu, COVID 19 and whooping cough vaccines can be found here

Vaccinations during pregnancy: Tochi

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