British Sign Language videos - COVID-19

Four British Sign Language (BSL) video’s from Bury Council and NHS Bury.
Two young women using sign language

Watch these short video's featuring local GP Dr. Fazel Butt, including some simple ways to stay safe as we remain cautious and learn to live with coronavirus -

British Sign Language version - COVID-19: simple ways to stay safe

If you haven’t yet had your first Covid-19 vaccine and are due, get booked in or access one of the walk-in clinics as soon as you can. Protect yourself and those around you -


British Sign Language verion - Getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Testing for coronavirus remains one of our best defences against the spread of the disease. In Bury, we have multiple options available for people to access when they need them - for people with, and people without symptoms - find out about local testing options -


British Sign Language version - COVID-19: It's best to test

Access advice and information about wellbeing support, looking after ourselves and taking time out to do the things we enjoy -

British Sign Language version - Looking after your mental wellbeing

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Find advice and information to help you stay well and make decisions about your health and social care support.

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