World Autism Awareness 2021

Between 29 March and 4 April is World Autism Week (encompassing World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April) which aims to increase understanding of autism. You can find out how you can take part at the National Autistic Society (NAS).

The NAS provides a variety of resources to support employers and employees, including training and guidance. – Disability Confidence News

  1. Andy Smith, Inclusion Ambassador/SEND Advocate,  has sent details of the following events:
  • Talking to young people about autism: How to do it right – Andy is running a free webinar/ Q&A on Friday 2nd April 13:00-14:30 to share the best ways to tell young people they are autistic, and how to help them to properly understand and accept their differences. You can book on here:
  • For young people: What is autism? – On 3 April at 6pm Spectrum Gaming is running a 1 hour session for autistic young people, which aims to explain to them what autism is and share some useful support strategies. This will be a webinar so young people cannot be seen, but can type in the chat and ask questions. Book on here:
  • Forest School and Autism – In a few months the Forest School Association will be running a free webinar on forest school and autism. Andy will be speaking alongside Michael James, author of Forest School and Autism. You can sign up for the FSA bulletin for updates here:
  • Autism acceptance assembly/ presentation – Andy has some availability during the week to give talks about lived experience of autism (as Andy has an autism diagnosis himself) – this could be talking to school staff or to young people (e.g. a school class).   

For more information about any of these events and to find out about lots of additional events, information and resources, contact’s Trust March 2021