GP access review must be part of NHS COVID-19 recovery

Our research shows that tens of thousands of people struggled to contact or see their doctor during the first year of the pandemic. Find out more in our new report. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way we use our GP practice. Instead of phoning for an appointment or … Read More

GP Access and appointments survey

During 2017/18, general practice represented one of the most common areas the people of Bury had been telling us about. A significant proportion of this feedback related to the experiences in accessing an appointment with a doctor. In response to public feedback the aim of Healthwatch Bury’s 2018 ‘GP Access … Read More

Symbol Consultation for Communication Access UK

The 2nd stage of the Symbol Consultation for Communication Access UK is now live! In early 2017 we asked people, including those affected by communication difficulties for their opinions. We had over 3000 responses! We found out that: people with communication difficulties don’t always get the support they need in … Read More