Rise Above – NHS England project July 2018

Rise Above” is an NHS England project aimed at delaying and preventing young people (11- 16’s) from engaging in exploratory risk behaviours and to build and improve the all-round resilience and well-being of young people. Rise Above uses social media channels to reach young people in highly relevant environments, and deliver engaging content co-created in collaboration with their peers and delivered via positive role models to ensure it resonates to change behaviour. A website has been launched providing PSHE resources to support secondary school teachers when promoting positive health, wellbeing and resilience amongst young people 11 – 16. Some topics are suitable for use in Year 6 also. www.NHS.uk/riseabove/schools. The team is currently co-creating video content for stress from change/ dealing with change; bullying/ cyberbullying; growth mind-set and emotional wellbeing (with a focus on how social media has an impact). This builds on content already and available on online stress, stress, exam stress, body image and sleep.