Checklist to help you decide whether you should make a complaint about adult social care services

What is the problem?

How serious is the problem? Can I work round it or should I make a complaint?

In extremely urgent situations, where someone is at risk, get advice as soon as possible about who to report the problem to.

Am I someone who has the right to make a complaint?

Only some people have the right to complain under the complaints procedure.

Am I within the time limit to make a complaint?

Complaints must usually be made within 12 months of the incident but this time limit can be extended in exceptional cases.

Who should I complain to?

You can complain to either the provider or the commissioner of the service.

For more details, see: Who you can go to when you have a problem with an adult social care service

What outcome do I want?

In most cases, an official complaint can give you the outcome you want, but not if you want financial compensation.

For more details, see: NHS and adult social care services complaints – deciding what outcomes you want to achieve

Do I need help to make a complaint?

You may want just advice and information about making a complaint, or you might want an advocate or representative to make it on your behalf.

For more details, see Organisations that can help you make a complaint about adult social care services

For more details, see: How to make a complaint about adult social care services


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