NHS e-RS Assisted Digital Service Patient User Needs Brief

The NHS electronic Referral Service (NHS e-RS) enables a patient to receive a referral from their GP for their first hospital or clinic appointment. The NHS e-RS then allows the patient to make an online booking with a choice of place, date and time.

For those that are unable to access the online service, there is the Telephone Appointment Line (TAL) that connects the patient with a call centre agent who will access the online service on their behalf and make the booking on NHS e-RS.

The patient accessing the booking service via TAL gains no beneficial treatment over the patient accessing the booking service online – they are accessing the exact same service.

The TAL contract is being renewed and the needs of the patient are now being reviewed to ensure that the user requirements are met.

NHS England are keen to engage with patients who either have used the TAL or would be likely to use it, as opposed to accessing the booking service online, to ensure their needs are understood.

If you would be willing to have a chat with one of the team, it would greatly benefit the new service. No personal information will be gathered. NHS England  can contact you at a time of your convenience and the call will last no more than forty minutes.

All interviews need to be completed by 10th February 2021.

For further information about this work please contact either:

Gerorgina Wikham, Georgina.Wickman@bjss.com


Georgia Price, georgia.price7@nhs.net


NHS England- 22nd Jan 2021