BHTA Pressure Ulcer Guide

In the UK, around 400,000 individuals develop a new Pressure Ulcer annually. The cost to the NHS is in the range of £2.6 billion and this is rising all the time.

The cost to the NHS of treating chronic wounds associated with Pressure Ulcers exceeds £2.6 billion per annum. Each Pressure Ulcer (PU) causes pain and discomfort
and risks exacerbating co-morbidities. Pressure Ulcers were reported to have caused more than 200 deaths and contributed to 25,000 more deaths in England and Wales
in 2010. Reported associated deaths related to Pressure Ulcers increased by 50% between 2001-2012.

It is estimated that one in five hospital inpatients has a Pressure Ulcer (Clark et al, 2004)5 – this represents at least 20,000 hospital patients in the UK at any time.
The cost to the NHS is high, primarily because prolonged hospital treatment is needed in serious cases and those at risk must be protected.

The New BHTA Pressure Ulcer guidance document identifies immediate cash releasing savings of £270m per annum are available to the NHS by adoption of the simple
preventative actions repeated and highlighted in this report.

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