Beano and YoungMinds

YoungMinds have partnered with Beano Studios (home of The Beano comic) to create fun, engaging content for under 12’s that can help support their mental health and wellbeing.

 Sitting your SATs soon, here are some tips to help you: 

  • Talk to your friends and family about how you are feeling about the SATs. It’s likely that other people are feeling a bit nervous too
  • If it helps, write a timetable for the week. Make sure you add some treats, like watching your favourite show, doing sport, or having your favourite meal/ snack
  • Talk to the people around you and tell them what you think would help you in that week, e.g. I might need more hugs or down time; I need to get to bed on time; I want you to walk me to school in the mornings
  • Concentrate on the tests one at a time. Do your best and however they go, try to let the last one go and then focus on the next one
  • Remember that the SATs don’t effect what school you will get into. They are important, but most teachers just want you to do your best
  •  Lots of schools make the SATs week really relaxed, having breakfast clubs, extra playtime, relaxation time, no other lessons, so it can even be fun. Find out what your school is doing
  • The SATs are good practice for taking tests. But you can do it in the comfort of your school which you know well and will help support you
  • Try to eat well, sleep well and take some exercise that week
  • Get your clothes and school bag ready each night, so in the morning you can stay calm
  • Celebrate when they are over!

YoungMinds May 2019