Baby Friendly Bury

Mums in Bury can be reassured of receiving the very best help and support with their baby, after local health visitors passed a strict international accreditation process with flying colours.
The Bury Health Visiting Service, part of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, has successfully retained their prestigious Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation – scoring 100 per cent in many areas.
Established by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation, Baby Friendly involves services meeting a very strict set of standards. These are designed to make sure parents receive the very best support and advice around bonding with their baby and their preferred method of feeding.
Baby Friendly has particular focus on breastfeeding, as it is beneficial for both mum and baby. For baby, breast milk contains antibodies which protect them from a wide range of illnesses. It also reduces the risk of them developing type-two diabetes or becoming obese in later life.
Meanwhile, mums can benefit from reducing their risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.
The service first achieved the accreditation in 2015; this re-accreditation process is designed to check that the service is continuing to meet the Baby Friendly high standards.
Health Visitor Rachel Varney said: “The Baby Friendly Initiative has made a real difference, giving our staff the skills and confidence to effectively support parents with feeding and bonding with their baby.
“We always encourage mums to breastfeed where possible, as there are so many health and emotional benefits for both mum and baby. However, recognising that not all mums can breastfeed, or want to, we’re on hand to help no matter how parents choose to feed their baby. We also make sure parents can confidently and safely move their baby on to solid food at six months old.
“We all get a real sense of satisfaction in helping parents to give their babies the very best start in life, so the child can grow, learn and ultimately reach their full potential.”
There were several elements to the re-accreditation process, which was undertaken by inspectors from the UNICEF Baby Friendly Team. This included visiting Well Baby Clinics, interviewing both staff and clients and reviewing the service’s policies, guidelines, literature and training.
Mothers who were interviewed talked about how they valued the care and support they had received from the health visiting service since their baby was born.
One mum said: “I really appreciated the antenatal visit as the health visitor gave me tips that helped in the first few days.”
Another mum added: “If it wasn’t for my health visitor I would never have managed to breastfeed.”
Senior Manager Wendy Thompson, said: “This is a massive achievement and I’m so proud of the whole team. The inspectors praised the support that our health visitors provide and commended their hard work and dedication.
“I would like to thank all mums who were involved in supporting the accreditation process. It was great to hear about how much they value the care that our health visitors provide and the real difference it makes.”
Health visitors provide care in people’s homes and also run Well Baby Clinics at venues right across Bury. Parents should contact their health visitor to find out more.
Contact information and further details about the Bury Health Visiting Service are available at