Achieve Recovery Services in Bury

Achieve Bury is here to help you build a life which is important to you and is free from the problems that addiction can bring.
Achieve Recovery Services in Bury

How they can help

Achieve Bury is run by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) as well as the Big Life Group and Early Break.

Together they have years of expertise to help you address the issues you might be having as a result of alcohol and/or drugs as well as supporting your family and friends who may have also been affected by this situation.

Who they are

GMMH is the main provider of mental health and substance misuse services across Greater Manchester and beyond.

They employ staff from a variety of backgrounds who specialise in addiction and can oversee your care, every step of the way. Their years of mental health experience has shown that addiction can happen due to underlying conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Achieve will work with you to look at these kinds of issues and help you address them. By tackling the causes of addiction you can work together to help you live an improved life, full of the things which are important to you.


  • Community Development Drop In - every Monday 10am til 12pm at Humphrey House, Angouleme Way, BL9 0EQ
  • Shared Reading Group - Every Monday at 3.30pm at Achieve Bury
    Humphrey House, 4 Angouleme Way, Bury, BL9 0EQ
  • Kaleidoscope Community Group - every Wednesday at 3pm at Humphrey House, Angouleme Way, BL9 0EQ

How to access this service:

Call or email in complete confidence:

0161 271 0020 


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Community Support Drop-in
Kaleidoscope Community Group
Shared Reading Group
Family Intervention Therapy

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