World Suicide Prevention Day – Remembrance 10th September

We would like for you to join us at our Inaugural World Suicide Prevention Day Vigil of Remembrance, 6.30pm –7.30pm, Monday, 10th September, World Suicide Prevention Day, Lowry Plaza (in front of Lowry Theatre) , The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ.
Greater Manchester over the last five years has lost 1,279 family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours to suicide.
The ‘Vigil of Remembrance’ will remember those that we have lost and demonstrate to those that have lost loved ones to suicide that the community is here for them with this mass demonstration of support. It will contribute towards smashing the stigma that is associated with suicide in all its forms, and contributing to a community that enables people to discuss suicide and enable people to disclose when they are experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideas.

The vigil will include:

Vikie Shanks- Paul Shanks was 51 when he took his own life in 2007 leaving behind his wife Vikie and their seven kids – six of whom are autistic. ‘Kingdom of Us’ is a documentary on Netflix that follows the family’s struggle in the wake of Paul’s death over the next three years as they tried to come to terms with their loss.

JB Barrington- is a Salford award winning performance poet renowned for his searing and satirical poetry and snarling delivery of strong sentiments and sharp rhymes. He’s is funny, endearing, nostalgic and a spoken word maestro who provides one of the most powerful performances on the UK scene.
Marvin Chesseman- who lives with bipolar disorder, over the last five years Marvin’s work has featured on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 4 and he appeared on the BBC television poetry series “Whine Gums.” He has published a limerick collection entitled “Making Prawn Sandwiches for Roy Keane” and a new book “A Bran Flake in the Butter” was sold in shops like Primark.

Blaney- Ed Blaney has had an interesting and varied life in music as the bands founder who’s long been associated with The Fall, as well as being the man behind Salford Music Festival. Blaney are a local Salford band that will be performing acoustically at the vigil.

Andy Burnham- GM Mayor

Prof Louis Appleby- Chair National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group (TBC)

If you would like to add your loved ones name to the remembrance roll that will be read out at the vigil or further information please email