Grtr Manchester Neuro Rehab Operational Delivery Network – Wheelchair Survey

The Greater Manchester Neuro Rehab and Stroke Operational Delivery Networks
are a collaborative partnership of NHS providers of neuro-rehabilitation and stroke
services in the Greater Manchester region, who work closely with clinicians, patients
and families, commissioners and other stakeholders to improve services.
One of the projects we are currently reviewing is wheelchair service provision across
the region. We know that having the right wheelchair at the right time is essential to
enable people to remain as independent as possible, and play an active role in all
aspects of their lives. Not having the right chair when it is needed or having an
unsuitable wheelchair can impact on health and well-being, and may affect the care
and support individuals may need in the future. We are collaborating with third
sector organisations and charities, including the MS Society, Motor Neurone Disease
Association, Stroke Association, Parkinson’s UK, Headway, amongst others, in order
to evaluate the impact of current wheelchair provision on service users and carers.
The attached survey is looking for feedback of your experience with the wheelchair
services across Greater Manchester in the last two years. You must have a
neurological condition e.g. multiple sclerosis, brain injury, parkinson’s disease,
stroke, motor neurone disease, brain tumour, spinal cord injury, in order to complete
this survey. It is aimed at adults (18+) and can be completed by the wheelchair user
or a carer, based on your most recent experience. Most of the questions just require
a tick box response but there are some which you may need to add comments to.
Please be as honest as possible with your responses and comments, as this will be
useful for guiding any future improvements to the services.
You can give your answers anonymously if you prefer. If you do opt to add your
contact details, please be assured that this will be kept secure and confidential, and
will not be shared with any third parties not involved in this review.
The survey will close on 6th November 2017 and will take approximately 10 minutes
to complete.
You can submit your survey electronically using the link below:
You can request a paper/electronic version or complete the survey over the phone
by contacting Lisa Chadwick on 0161 2062109 /
Thank you for taking part in this survey.