Adult Learning Free Taster Sessions

Please see below details of several free taster sessions Bury Adult Learning are running via Zoom next week to mark Mental Health Awareness week, please share. 19/5/20 – Introduction to Mindfulness 1pm Introduction to Mindfulness CMHB224 20/5/20 – Introduction to Art To Reduce Anxiety & Stress CMHB327 21/5/20 – Introduction … Read More

Rise Above – NHS England project July 2018

Rise Above” is an NHS England project aimed at delaying and preventing young people (11- 16’s) from engaging in exploratory risk behaviours and to build and improve the all-round resilience and well-being of young people. Rise Above uses social media channels to reach young people in highly relevant environments, and … Read More

Stress: are we coping?

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) are focusing on stress. This report looks at the prevalence of stress in the UK and its implications. It also focuses on what we can do to manage and reduce stress and their recommendations for the government in creating … Read More