Opportunities for patient and public involvement in developing health services in Greater Manchester

Hospitals across Greater Manchester are working together across a range of clinical services to respond to the way care is being transformed in localities; to deliver seven day services; and to standardise and improve the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care, so that everyone in GM can benefit equally from the same high standards that are already provided in some of our hospitals.
To find out more about the plans for health and care services in Greater Manchester, you can read this information leaflet or visit the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership website.
Seeking the views of patients, carers and members of the public in general in the development and redesign of services is an important element of transformation. Overleaf you will find four opportunities for involvement which may be of interest to you, your friends or networks.
Please take the time to read about the opportunities and consider if you would like to get involved.
For more information please contact Usman Nawaz (Engagement Consultant, NHS Transformation Unit*) via email usman.nawaz@nhs.net or call 0161 967 0300.