Latest Covid-19 advice for the borough of Bury

This week we began to see the effects of lockdown on our infection rates – the number of new cases of Covid-19 in Bury in the week up to 16 January 2021 fell by 15.6% from the previous week.

The drop was concentrated among working age adults: however, case numbers continued to increase (at a slower pace) among adults aged over 65 living in the community. Bury’s rate was the 8th highest in Greater Manchester and 20th highest out of 23 upper-tier local authorities in the North West.
The number of people in local hospitals with Covid-19 increased, consistent with increases in case numbers in previous weeks and known time lags between infection and hospitalisation. Sadly, at this time, an average of between one and two people are dying every day.

Week ending 16 January: infection rate 390.6 (746 new cases)
Week ending 9 January: infection rate 462.9 (884 new cases)
Week ending 2 January: infection rate 389.0 (743 new cases)
Week ending 26 December: infection rate 236.1 (451 new cases)
Thank you for continuing to ‘stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS’.


Bury Council – 21st Jan 21