Homeless Services


Prevents homelessness through community hosting – providing a safety net to those forced to leave their home. Nightstop places young people in a safe and warm home for the night, provided by a vetted and approved volunteer. This prevents young people from sleeping rough, “sofa surfing”, or staying in unsuitable accommodation where they would be at risk of abuse. The use of spare rooms in a positive environment makes a huge difference to young people in crisis. We operate in the short term grey area of crisis that lies between the home and longer term accommodation.

Additionally, we will offer mediation, where appropriate, to try and help young people resolve relationship challenges with their parents or, significant people they’ve been staying with. We are currently recruiting volunteers and wanting to make links with the relevant agencies. Contact David Batchelor for more information, including about how to volunteer: David.Batchelor@depaulcharity.org.uk See link to recent article about Nightstop.


Aim to ensure that no one will sleep rough on the streets of Bury. Through partnership working, Calico are dedicated to making sure that anyone identified as a rough sleeper will not sleep out for another night.
Calico aim to:
Provide a rapid response to new rough sleepers, based on better intelligence and public awareness
Provide a single offer of support based on each individual’s needs, meaning no-one need spend a second night on the street
Help rough sleepers to access a place of safety, where they can get the support they need
Reconnect rough sleepers from outside the area with their community.
Calico can do this through:
A 24-hour rough sleeping messaging service
A dedicated webpage to support the public reporting of rough sleepers
A series of dedicated drop-in sessions in Bury
Street outreach work.
Through dedicated drop-in sessions, clear referral routes, and robust outreach services, Calico aim to provide a rapid response to ensure appropriate solutions to rough sleeping are identified, and to offer person-centred support through joint working.
You can help by letting Calico know about anyone you think may be rough sleeping:
E-mail  with the details
Call  Referral Line on 07813 459832.
24-hour Messaging Service on 07813 459832.
Text  on 07813 459832.
Drop-in sessions
Monday: Humphrey House, Angouleme Way, Bury – 8am-12pm
Friday: Mosses Centre, Cecil Street, Bury – 8am–12pm
Appointments can be arranged for other times by contacting 07813 459832.
If you have an emergency out of office hours, the Emergency Duty Team at Bury Council can be contacted on 0161 253 6606 between 5:00pm-8:45am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.

Bury Red Door – Caritas
Bury Red Door exists to give dignity and hope to people in crisis.
Specifically, Bury Red Door supports homeless and vulnerable individuals within the borough of Bury to help them to find both temporary and permanent accommodation, support clients in accessing external services and ensuring all benefits are applied for.
We are open on Tuesdays from 10am to 4pm and on Thursdays from 11am to 4pm.
We provide much needed help and support including:
A friendly community room to socialise in, share a cup of tea, and warm bowl of soup
Welfare Benefits, Debt Advice, and general support and information
Help with rehousing
Laundry and shower facilities
An Emergency Food store
A Clothes Store
A Women’s Group
Signposting to other services
St Joseph’s Church Presbytery
Peter Street
0161 272 0771

Open 28th December 2017 – 11am-4pm

Night Café at The Moses Centre (referral only)

Café opened at the Mosses Centre by Helping Manchester & Bury Homeless. It now operates a street kitchen three times a week, serving up to 100 people each time and being there to listen and signpost individuals in the right direction for long-term help.
Drop-in at the One Recovery Unit Wednesday and Friday 1.30pm – 4pm for a risk assessment.