Help the Royal College of Emergency Medicine support your local A&E department

As we are sure you are aware, emergency medicine and the wider NHS is in a severe state of crisis – one predominantly the result of years of inadequate resourcing – and despite the best efforts of staff, patients are suffering. Patients are not being let down by our health service, they are being let down by our politicians.

This winter has seen the worst ever four-hour performance at major emergency departments, the highest ever number of patients kept waiting, and the highest ever number of emergency admissions. Many Chief Executives have said that their hospitals are full and near breaking point[1]; unnecessarily putting lives at risk.
We cannot continue like this.
Our hospitals desperately need more staff, more beds and better capacity. This needs to happen through an increase in funding for the NHS and social care, but warnings and pleas from the sector are not getting through.
Which is why we are asking patients to help call for action from our politicians to provide this. But to do this we need your help.
The poster asks patients to write to their MP, via a simple form on the College’s website, to tell them about the problems facing emergency medicine and what needs to be done to solve them.
It is part of our wider ‘Tell your MP about A&E’ campaign, which seeks to encourage debate among politicians across the political spectrum about increasing the resources available to emergency departments and the wider NHS, with the aim of making things better for trusts, staff and patients.
se contact or call 0207 067 1275. You can also find more information, and of course write to your own MP (it only takes 2 minutes), at
With your help and the support of our patients, we can achieve real positive change for our emergency departments and the NHS in its 70th year.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine