Greater Manchester Victims’ Services

Greater Manchester Victims’ Services provides support to victims (all ages) and witnesses of all crime types across Greater Manchester including victims of Domestic Abuse.  They offer an assessment and referral model to ensure each individual receives the most appropriate support to help them to cope and recover from the crime they have experienced. Referrals to the service can be made by agencies (with the agreement of the victim) or the individual can self-refer.  Below is a leaflet outlining the Victim Services offer and their contact details and a referral form should you wish to refer someone you are working with.   The GMVS website provides a range of information for victims of crime and allows a victim to self-refer for support.

To support children in schools who have been affected by Domestic Abuse following an Encompass referral, teachers can call an Operation Encompass Teachers’ National Helpline between 8am – 11am, Monday to Friday on 0845 646 0890 to speak to an educational/child psychologist.  Click on the link for more information.


This update has been provided by Hazel Parry, Victims’ Services Coordinator, GMP Bury, who had been due to deliver a Children’s Trust lunchtime briefing on Victims’ Services at the end of March.  I will be looking at alternative ways to run lunchtime learning so keep an eye of the Children’s Trust Weekly E-mails for updates.

Greater Manchester Service Leaflet 

Referral Form 


Childrens Trust – May 2020