Join the Healthwatch 100

Would you like to take an active part in helping to improve health and social care services in Bury?

If you could spare just 30 minutes bi-monthly you could make a significant difference to improving the way Health and Social Care services in Bury are delivered, by joining ‘The Bury Healthwatch 100’.

‘The Bury Healthwatch 100 ‘is a campaign that uses you and your smartphone to provide Healthwatch Bury with a snapshot of the current Health and Social care provisions in Bury – and the surrounding townships – by responding to a short, snappy set of questions, once every couple of months.

Why does it matter? It matters because it enables Healthwatch Bury to understand how existing Health and Social Care services are meeting the needs of people in Bury and what steps could be taken to improve these. Your input into ‘The Bury Healthwatch 100’ will directly affect the healthcare that is delivered to you and those that matter to you. .

What do I need to take part? Ideally a smart phone, tablet or laptop with internet access.  Or you could complete the survey over the phone, just call us on 0161 253 6300 to find out more.

You then just need to find 30 min in which to complete the survey – when that happens is up to you

Sounds good – how do I get started?  To be a ‘Bury Healthwatch 100’ Microvolunteer, simply sign up using the form on our website (or call us on 0161 253 6300) Then we will send you a set of short, snappy  questions to complete, over the year.

Anything else I need to know?  We would ask that our Healthwatch 100 ‘Microvolunteers’ agree in principal to complete a regular set of questions over a period of either 6 months or 12 months. We are primarily interested in seeking your views on health and social care services in Bury, but some of the surveys may also feed into projects affecting Greater Manchester as a whole.

What you can expect in return as a Healthwatch 100 Microvolunteer:  

  • The chance to be part of a wider project
  • Experience volunteering for your local Healthwatch
  • Regular feedback (by way of the results of reports) to the surveys
  • HW 100 Certificate of Participation and MicroVolunteering*

Collection of Information, Privacy and Confidentiality

The information collected will always be anonymised so you could not be identified by your answers, meaning you can be completely open and honest. The demographic and contact information is used only by Healthwatch Bury to send out surveys to the right people and to make sure that our information is as representative of the people in the borough as possible. Your details will never be passed on or supplied to any other organisation and we will only ever use it for the purposes of the Bury Healthwatch 100 project. You can unsubscribe at any time and we will remove all details upon request.

*(on completion of a minimum of 6 surveys)

(The Bury Healthwatch 100 is not limited to 100 people)

Are you interested in becoming a Board Member?

Healthwatch is the consumer champion for health and social care services, giving a voice to local people, community and voluntary groups, to influence the way their services are planned, purchased and provided.
Healthwatch Bury is looking for directors with the necessary skills, passion, drive and enthusiasm to make a positive contribution to ensure the organisation is successful.

Please contact:

Healthwatch England e-learning induction will help new starters learn a little bit more about Healthwatch and what we do. Healthwatch Induction

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