Friends of Dumers Lane Community Centre – volunteers wanted

Radcliffe Community & Library on Dumers Lane has now closed. If it is not saved, the building will be sold off to the highest bidder. But members of our newly constituted “Friends of Dumers Lane Community Centre” are determined to see this does not happen.
We decided a couple of months ago to rise to the challenge offered by the Council to take over the management of the building. This is because we want to keep it open as a community centre for the benefit of the residents of Radcliffe and Redvales and for those living in Dumers Lane neighbourhood in particular.
Although such undertaking can be a daunting one, we are pleased to announce that the Council has approved our bid and business plan. This is clearly the very first stage of the Asset Transfer process as there is much, much more to be done before we can hope to achieve our aims.
So, we now need your help!
What we are looking for to start with are volunteers with experience in managing charitable organisations, business and/ or community groups to join our committee. We are about to become a “Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having a Share Capital” and apply to become a registered charity.
As we get closer to entering into negotiations with the Council’s legal department with regards to the terms of the 5 years lease, we will need serious legal advice, preferably free of charge!
A professional fund-raiser is working for us and is busy putting a funding model together whilst members have been talking to local residents of all ages with a view to draw up a list activities they would like to take part in.
We are also considering sub-letting the two modern offices on the first floor. These are suitable for start-up businesses or not-for-profit organisations. A highly competitive rent for these two offices for the area will contribute to making the project financially viable in the long term.
Since we need to raise a minimum of £2500 to meet our start-up costs, we are talking to Bury College media studies department with a view to produce a crowdfunding video for our facebook and other social media platforms.
If you want to be part of this exciting community project, we’d love to hear from you! Our email address is: or do call/text us on 07531753458
Alternatively, you can message us from our facebook.