Find out your risk of Type 2 diabetes

By completing this tool, you may be eligible for the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

If you are at risk, you will be directed to join the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, which encourages people to make small lifestyle changes.

Participants of the programme are taking control of their health – losing weight, sleeping better and feeling less stressed – while at the same time reducing their risk of developing T2D.

Anyone can develop T2D, but you could be more likely to if you: 

  • are over 40, or over 25 if you’re black or south Asian
  • have a close relative with T2D 
  • are overweight
  • have had polycystic ovarian syndrome, gestational diabetes, or given birth to a baby over 10 pounds

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What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition where the insulin your pancreas makes can’t work properly, or your pancreas can’t make enough insulin. This means your blood glucose (sugar) levels keep rising.

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