Fairbridge Bury – Upcoming course dates for Bury

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Upcoming course dates for Bury
Group Induction 20th February
Access week 1 25th – 27th February
Access week 2 04th – 06th March


Course information:

The Fairbridge Programme is a fully funded course for young people aged 16-25 who are not in work, education or training. Who have struggled to engage on other programmes, for one reason or another eg confidence and anxiety, who are demotivated or are uncertain of what their next steps might be.


The course is split into 3 area’s:

  • Induction: Day 1 consists of a 3 hour session to familiarise with the group, environment and course content with ice breakers and team challenges.
  • Access:  A 6 day course split over 2 weeks using adventurous and activities to step out of their comfort zones, try new things, work on confidence/communication/team building/leadership skills and much more.
  • Follow on: Achievements are reviewed and next steps planned. The young person will work with their lead workers to set goals and continue to attend once or twice a week follow on sessions; these are more geared around independent living, employability – sessions can be tailor made to fit the groups needs



We will work with the young people to:

  • Gain a qualification in Personal Development and Employability as well as other certificates in First Aid, food Hygiene and more.
  • Build confidence
  • Gain communication skills
  • Learn to manage feelings
  • Gain independent living skills
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Learn to break habits
  • Work towards being ready for work
  • And much more

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