End of Life Experience Project

Healthwatch Bury is delighted to support a piece of research aimed at improving the quality of ‘end of life care‘ in all settings but we cannot do this without your help.

We are aiming to gather information from residents of Bury who have experienced end of life care services within the last three years.

This care may have been received in a hospital, hospice or primary care setting where a relative(s) were involved in caring for or visiting a loved one.

Unfortunately, we are on a very tight timescale, so we are asking anyone who have been unfortunate enough to experience such services to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We hope to gather some feedback prior to 26th November but this will continue to the end of December 2019.


You may communication by:

  1. Phone 0161 253 6300 to request up to a 15 minute phone conversation when someone is available to record your experiences.


  1. Phone or email to request a face to face meeting with one of our team


  1. By completing our End of Life Experience Form below which is secure and anonymous.



Form Not Exist.