Domestic Abuse Consultation March 8th – May 31st 2018

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The Home Office are launching a public consultation “Transforming the response to domestic abuse”. They are committed to doing everything they can to end domestic abuse. To achieve this they need to build a society that has zero tolerance and actively empowers victims, communities and professionals to confront and challenge it. They are determined to ensure victims feel safe and supported, both to seek help and to rebuild their lives. The consultation responses will shape the response to domestic abuse at every stage, from prevention through to rehabilitation. The questions reference the connections and provisions of cross-sector agencies and departments and reinforces the Government’s aim to make domestic abuse everybody’s business. By consulting, they aim to harness the knowledge and expertise of charities and specialist organisations and professionals across policing, criminal justice, health, welfare, education and local authorities who deal with these issues everyday. Throughout the twelve week period the government will be listening to  partners, to the many organisations and their staff working to tackle domestic abuse, and to the public. To anyone who has been affected by domestic abuse or knows of someone who has.
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Home Office – Ministry of Justice