Communic8tebury- new trustees

Mission Statement
Communic8te Bury is a local charity that supports people who are Deaf or have a hearing loss. Also, we support people who are Deaf with a learning disability and/or mental health issues.
Who we are and what we do
Communic8te Bury is a charity for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.
Our members enjoy a variety of social, educational and life skills training services at our club. It is our sincere wish that the services we provide our members will not only enrich their lives but allow greater integration between the deaf and those who have a hearing loss with the general community.

Communic8te Bury is looking for committed and skilled individuals to join its board of Trustees. Fulfilling the role will entail assisting the organisation to work towards a strategic vision and achieve its aims of providing education, assistance and social recreational opportunities for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We are keen to attract individuals who are able to demonstrate the following skills:

 Planning and decision making
 Team-work
 Business management
 Service development
 Social care
 Fundraising
 Marketing and publicity
 Financial management

We are looking for general Board members with the possibility of filling the following positions in the future:

 Chair of Trustees
 Vice Chair of Trustees
 Treasurer

Specific role descriptions for each of these roles are available on request.

At present Trustees are required to be available on one Friday afternoon bi-monthly to attend Board meetings, alongside being available to perform additional organisational duties outside Board meetings. However, these dates and times are subject to change following decisions made by the newly elected Board at the first meeting following our AGM in March 2018.

This is an exciting, but challenging time to be joining Communic8te Bury as it looks to move forward in developing its Governance and service provision. If you feel you have the skills and knowledge to help us move forward in achieving these aims we would love to hear from you.
Please email or call 01616 763 4882 for further information , please ask for Robert or Mark