Support for families – Beyond Psychology Response to CoVID-19

Beyond Psychology is responding to CoVid-19 in order to reduce the impact of this on people’s wellbeing. 
As a service Beyond Psychology want to support as many families as they can in these difficult and uncertain times. Therefore, their psychologists and therapists are volunteering on the phones this week from Monday to Friday to support both children and adults who may need support. 
To speak to one of the team, click link to go to contact page, enter “CALL ME”, provide your phone number, and a few details of how you want to use the phone consultation. Lyndsey will be in touch with you, to arrange the best time to speak.
We are based in Suite 5, No.2 Esplanade, Rochdale, OL16 1AQ. Facing Rochdale Town Hall. Tel: 07704 773 425. Email: