About The Freedom Farm Concept
The Freedom Farm would be based on a secured beautiful rural location on Cadishead Moss, Salford.

The concept is to provide fully adapted glamping pods and a nature based training/activity hub and outdoor natural play area. These new facilities would allow individuals with disabilities and family members/carers to spend quality time together in nature, gain new skills and experiences, meet new people and improve health and wellbeing.
This project will meet the provision gap of nature based socialisation, employment, training & holiday accommodation for people with disabilities in the North West. And will ensure individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy and absorb the benefits of nature, which is often otherwise taken for granted.
In order to make this vision a reality, we are looking to recruit voluntary board members to assist with the development of a Community Interest Company. (A community interest company is a limited company that benefits the community that it is established to represent, rather than shareholders).
About the Voluntary Board Member Role
We are looking for individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of the barriers that disabled people face. To complement this you need to have an enthusiasm for wildlife and a belief that everyone is entitled to spend quality time in nature regardless of ability. We require individuals to sit on the board and contribute to the key strategic decision making of the project.

Each volunteer board member will need to bring their own unique set of skills or an enthusiasm to gain them. These may include; marketing, finance, hospitality, event management, project management, business planning nature conservation and fundraising.
The ability to work well as part of a positive team will be imperative as everyone’s ideas and inputs need to be heard and valued. Previous experience of participating as a board member is advantageous but not necessary.
In the early stages we would ask each Board member to commit to meeting for approximately 4 hours per month at an agreed time and date.
What will you gain from being part of this project
• An understanding and experience as part of a likeminded collaborative team of how to develop a project from vision to concept.
• Sense of worth and value knowing that you are involved in a project that will change lives, open up new experiences and opportunities for disabled people from across the Region.
• The opportunity to share your unique skills with others.
• Protect nature and educate others about the importance of nature.
• Subject to successful fundraising you may gain a paid employed future role.

Interested? If you would like to be part of this fantastic new concept then please contact Charlie Barlow via the following methods: Charlenebarlow1974@gmail.com Tel: 07707271212