Accident Prevention in Under 5’s in the Home

For information next week is Child Safety week.  The main theme of the week is Accident Prevention in Under 5’s in the Home. 

Sudden changes in a child’s development, for example, babies starting to crawl or walk, can take parents or carers by surprise. And there are risks that aren’t always obvious – most accidents to young children happen in the home, where we might think children are safest.

The pressure on parents to juggle competing demands and put safety first can also be overwhelming, even for the most well-informed and equipped.

By tying Accident Prevention in Under 5’s in the home with Child Safety Week we can aim to help families understand the risks, as well as the consequences – but most importantly, the simple ways that accidents can be prevented.

Resources are also available for the week via the two links below and during the week there will be information available via The Bury Directory, Twitter and Facebook, which we would like you to retweet and share to your colleagues, families etc.