Healthwatch Bury CIC Board Members


Barbara Barlow – ‘My voluntary work began at Bury Hospice (1990) and I served as a Director (1999- 2013). This gave me a useful awareness/understanding of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of Board membership.
During those 14 years, I chaired the Volunteer, Trading and Clinical Committees and for 15 months (2010/11), worked voluntarily within the Hospice, successfully managing 285 volunteers and assisting in the recruitment of the present volunteer co-ordinator.
I was invited to take up one of four regional appointments on the Community Health Council (1990) and chaired one of the sub-committees. After the abolition of the CHC, I was appointed to the PPI Forum.
As chairman, I initiated and serviced the Making It Better and Healthy Futures Steering Group for Bury, Rochdale and Rossendale, writing the consultation response document and chairing the GM Public Participation Board.
Prior to my appointed as director for engagement – later chairman, at Healthwatch (2014), I was the PCT PPI Lead – Project Board and Procurement and ‘Lay’ person for GP, pharmacy and ophthalmic visits.
Driven by passion when it comes to securing the patients’ voice’.

Alan Norton – ‘I am an experienced and charismatic leader with great credibility as an expert in disabled living. I have had a successful business career and brought commercial acumen into my roles in the voluntary sector. I am now a respected champion of disabled people with an excellent national network of experts. I marry a passion for improving the lives of disabled people with realism and a pragmatic approach to delivering practical solutions to difficult challenges for people living with disability. As a result I am respected and valued by the disabled community, policy makers and politicians’.

Tan Ahmed – ‘Having been Chief Officer of ADAB for over 10 years, I have a track record of engaging with people from the minority ethnic communities. Our overall vision is to support people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, including new and emerging refugees and asylum seekers. We help to build their confidence and independence to enable them to access vital services and to become more active in the community. We aim to broaden their knowledge and skills and assist them to move into education, training or employment; improve their health and wellbeing and develop their sense of belonging as a responsible and valued citizen of Bury.
In fact, we have a similar remit to Healthwatch Bury, aiming to provide a service to all the residents of Bury MBC’.

Ryan Heywood-Riordan – ‘I have worked for BARDOC, Out of Hours service in Bury MBC, for over four years. During this time, I have seen many service changes take place and this has given me a unique view on service delivery, as well as being a user of different services. Working within BARDOC for 4+ years has meant I have seen services from various perspectives: my most recent post was managing the walk-in centre in Prestwich. This broad range of involvement, at a service delivery level, has flagged up areas which could be improved but also service areas we excel in within the Bury MBC community. Although I live in a neighbouring borough, I am close to the Bury boundary and I often use services within the Bury area. The majority of urgent care services in Bury are closer to where I live, so on a number of occasions I have attended Fairfield Hospital and Moorgate Primary Care Centre. In addition, I have several family members who live and work in Bury. I am currently employed in a surgery in HMR and, although I have a broad set of skills focused on the OOH area of healthcare, I am willing to become involved in any area within the health and care sector. I am particularly interested in ensuring people have access to a health and care service that they not only understand but are comfortable using and believe I could be an asset to the Healthwatch Bury Board.